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The National Ophthalmic Database complexity adjusted cataract surgery audit shows my posterior capsule rupture complication rate = 0.85% (benchmark 1.1%).

The National Ophthalmic Database complexity adjusted audit (3 years to December 2018) shows visual loss rate = 0.44% (benchmark 0.90%)

3 year audit of my macular hole surgery outcomes (2015-2017) showed a macular hole closure rate of 100% (benchmark = 95.8%). In addition, audit of visual outcomes (2018-2019) shows the majority of the cases performed had an improvement in visual acuity following macular hole surgery.

12 month audit of my retinal detachment surgery (2018 -2019) had a 91.2% success rate (national database benchmark =86.9%).

The above results confirm my surgery is highly effective and safe. I have multiple letters of thanks from my patients expressing a high level of patient satisfaction.














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