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Richard HaynesWelcome to my website. I am a Consultant Ophthalmologist working in Bristol, based at the Bristol Eye Hospital where I treat NHS patients and at The Nuffield Hospital Clifton, Bristol where I treat private patients.

I specialise in retinal surgery and cataract surgery.

The terminology around eye professionals can be confusing so here is a brief explanation:-

  • An ‘ophthalmologist’ is also often referred to as an ‘ophthalmic surgeon’ and is a medically trained doctor that specialises in surgery or the medical treatment of the eyes
  • Ophthalmic surgeons who operate on the retina are known as ‘Vitreoretinal surgeons’ (often abbreviated to VR surgeons) because performing operations on the retina often involves removal of the vitreous humour of the eye which is the clear gel that fills the back of the eye and sits in close contact with the light sensitive retina (which acts like a film in a camera).
  • Vitreoretinal surgeons are trained to examine and treat the retina with a variety of surgical techniques including laser treatment, cryotherapy, scleral buckles and vitrectomy surgery with gas or silicone oil. Vitreoretinal surgeons also become used to dealing with complex conditions that sometimes affect the eyes such as diabetes, trauma or complications of cataract surgery. They are also very experienced cataract surgeons as they are used to dealing with complicated situations that sometimes arise during cataract surgery.
  • I am a Consultant Vitreoretinal Surgeon. My CV is here.











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